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8 September 2023


4 Weeks away for Maddie!

The fun starts on Sunday the 20*, my birthday!

We fly to Greece and start in Athens, where we will be doing our main bits of sightseeing, Greek mythology tours, visiting the acropolis and tones more. The rest of the holiday we will be jumping around the islands by ferry. The first island is a quiet peaceful island called Andros, where I will be glued to the beach! We then head to Mykonos for more of a buzz, food, good alcohol and great company and then before we head to Santorini we are spending some more quiet time in Naxos. I don’t know how we will do everything we want to do in Santorini, coastal walks, horse rides on the beach, snorkeling in the ocean, sunning it up and wine tasting by the bottle but l’m sure we’ll fit it in somehow! To finish off the adventures we will be needing a holiday from the holiday! So we’ll be topping up the tan in an all inclusive resort where my parents will be flying out to join us! I can’t wait for my well needed and deserved break but I will for sure miss all of my Tranquillity family!


Jaimi’s Colour Specialist madness has come to an end!

The last few months I have been going up to London once a week to study for my Colour Specialist degree which ended with a week of exams! It is a course that I have wanted to do for the longest time! For a colourist it is also the highest qualification that you can get. I learnt everything there is to know about hair colour, the science behind it and how to achieve the most perfect result in all situations! Every week we had a different module followed by practical on live models. It went so in depth about everything which left my brain feeling fried most weeks but after 12 weeks, 10 assignments, 4 examinations I came out with a credit result at 96%! It was all 50 worth it and I can’t wait to bring my knowledge into practice on everyone!

I’m currently waiting for my graduation date which will take me back to London and (hopefully) end in a big party. I’m not sure what I’m most excited for out of being a Colour Specialist or throwing my grad cap!!


Things have been quiet on the work front for me over the past 6 weeks as I’ve been enjoying the summer holidays with my partner, Lewis and our sons.

The first week we all went to Swanage to my sisters apartment. We had the best week playing on the beach, in the arcades loving the 2p machines and trying to win teddy’s that you can never grab!!

We had a great day out at Farmer Palmers (which I would highly recommend if you’re over that way!). We raced on go carts, saw loads of animals, the goats were the favourite! We also played in the play barn, mums and dads on slides, that made some funny videos!

We spent a week in Cornwall with my best friend and her two little ones, we had the sunshine all week, so we spent most of our time at the beach where William was loving thw waves on the rubber ring! We visited Lands End for more ice cream too.

For the bank holiday weekend, we experienced a new festival called Victorious! I’ve only ever been to Glastonbury Festival so wasn’t sure what to expect. We had so much fun, too many drinks and lots of dancingl! It was a great festival, I would definitely go back but absolutely getting too old for camping when the airbed won’t stay up!


Tara, Chloe, Daisy & Josie our NEW FUTURE TALENT are absolutely BUZZING to be the first to receive our in house Tranquillity Academy Education! Led by salon owner & director Jess, the girls will be studying their level 2 hairdressing apprenticeship every Monday!

Hair models are needed, so give us a call on 01458445666, speak to Jess and she will pair you up with one of our students!

Make sure you’re following our Education page on Instagram @tranquillityacdemyxjessdycer to see the girls progress and flourish!!


As most of my clients know, I do 100’s of balayages, because of this I wanted to become a specialist so I can finesse my techniques and knowledge. The course took about 12 weeks to complete and took lots of time and brain work! Each lesson built up and followed a progressive structure covering lightening mastery, including freehand and teasylarge, dimensional mastery including seamless colour melts and root shadowing, and advanced mastery such as balayage with grey coverage, highs+lows and zigzag theory. My course involved both hands on practice and assessments to make sure my theory knowledge was accurate. It involved hands on practice By physically working with the hair, it allowed me to experiment with different tools/products to create seamless colour blends.

It enables me to adapt to the unique characteristics of each clients hair and work out which technique works on each head of hair.

I am now a certified balayage master which I am super excited about. If you would like a Balayage of any sort, then let me know!!

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